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In Court and On Paper

Customs Attorneys Save Time and Money With a Car Export

Avery Bryant

The market for selling cars, new and used, is larger than you might think. You are able to ship your car anywhere around the world as long as you are able to get past customs. However, you may run into unexpected obstacles when attempting to export your car.

Car Exports Can Run Into Customs Issues

One of the more recent obstacles, for New York residents, is the fact that exports from New York to the rest of the world have been blocked by US customs. This is because New York no longer shares access to its database with the federal government to protect illegal immigrants. For this reason, if you intend to export a car overseas, you'll want to have your car titled in another state first.

You Must Meet Export Requirements

To export your motor vehicle, you will need sufficient information. Exporting a vehicle requires that you provide your vehicle's VIN number and an accurate description of the vehicle. If you lose your vehicle title, you will need to have it replaced. To obtain a replacement title, contact the DMV. You will need to provide certified copies of the original documents. A certified copy is a copy that comes with a signed statement from an authority that verifies that the copy is authentic.

Federal Authorities are Cracking Down

Customs laws regarding automobile exports are strict because some export companies have used car exports as a means by which to commit wire fraud. Luxury vehicles cannot be sold for export. Straw buyers will sometimes purchase luxury vehicles and will then export them overseas for a profit. If federal authorities discover that a buyer walks into a luxury car dealer several times to make multiple purchases, the authorities might block the sale. Also, those who sell vehicles that are prohibited might lose all the vehicles to the federal government.

Customs Attorneys Save Time

If you do not follow the requirements necessary to export a vehicle, you might experience delays. This may make it more difficult to sell cars overseas in the future if the buyer has to wait longer for their car to arrive. For this reason, whenever you are exporting anything, especially a car, you should work closely with a customs attorney.

Speaking with a customs attorney will also help you save time. For example, depending on how you purchased your vehicle, there might be exceptions to custom rules regarding the documentation you must provide before exporting your car.


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