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In Court and On Paper

2 Tax Issues That a Tax Resolution Lawyer Can Help You Navigate

Avery Bryant

Regardless of how many years you've handled tax issues, there is a high possibility you will encounter some complex issues every time you're dealing with your taxes. When this happens, it's advisable to seek professional help to ensure you don't violate relevant laws. Handling complex tax issues yourself puts you at risk of making a mistake that might have serious consequences. Therefore, you may want to leave tax preparation in the hands of a financial consultant who understands the law. Here are tax issues a professional tax resolution lawyer can help you navigate.

Your Tax Information Is Questionable

A notice from the taxman informing you that you have made a mistake equivalent to tax fraud can give you sleepless nights. The IRS will probably investigate and audit your accountants and financial information when this happens. A discovery that you gave the wrong information can lead to serious consequences. It is therefore advisable to have a professional tax resolution attorney by your side to help you handle the dispute. They will start by evaluating the issues the taxman identified in their audit.

Your legal advisor will then prepare an appeal addressing each issue, indicating that you never made the errors intentionally. They can't also represent you to ensure you are not punished for a tax error you made unknowingly.

You Want to Negotiate for an Affordable Repayment Plan   

Huge tax debts can have significant consequences on your life. For example, the IRS can write to your employer requesting them to submit a portion of your salary to their accounts to pay back what you owe. Tax authorities may also bar you from selling your property until you clear all your outstanding debts. In addition, the taxman may also seize your accounts or property to recover their money.

An experienced legal advisor dealing with tax issues can help you find a solution by negotiating with the taxman on your behalf. They will gather documents to prove that you cannot be able to pay back all the money at once. They will then negotiate a repayment plan that will enable you to pay back the money in a reasonable time. In this agreement, you will make monthly payments for the period agreed upon until you clear your debt.

Tax laws are very complicated, increasing the risk of making errors when filing or handling your taxes. Therefore, if you may be involved in a tax dispute with the taxman at some point. If this happens, hire a professional tax resolution lawyer to help you solve the issue. 


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