In Court and On Paper

In Court and On Paper

  • How A Workers Comp Law Firm Will Help You With Your Injuries

    Work-related injuries are common these days. To make matters worse, some workers get frustrated when they're injured because they don't know where to turn for help. If you get involved in a work accident, a workers' comp firm will give you access to legal professionals who will handle your case and protect your interests. Read on to find out how these firms can help with your injuries.  Ensuring Compliance To be eligible as an injured worker, you need to meet some basic guidelines required by the law.

  • What Are Non-Compete Agreements and Are They Enforceable?

    One of the things your new employer might want you to sign is a non-compete agreement. These agreements can cause difficulties after you leave the company. In some parts of the country, they are even illegal or unenforceable. Even if they are not illegal, you may need the help of an employment attorney if you have a problem. Here are some questions and answers about non-compete agreements and how an attorney can help render one null and void.

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In Court and On Paper

Most people think of a business attorney as a lawyer who will represent them in court if their business is sued. It is true that this is part of business attorneys' profession. However, a lot of the work business attorneys do actually takes place on paper, not in a courtroom. They can review your contracts and make sure they are legally enforceable. They can recommend insurance coverage, tell you how to respond to client complaints, and so much more. A good business attorney makes running your business a lot less stressful. Dig into the articles provided here to learn even more.